Charleston City Paper (March 1, 2017)

Meyer Vogl Gallery hosts inaugural abstract show

"We have to be selective with guest artists," says Vogl, "and we knew we wanted Sandy." Ostrau's paintings were exactly what they envisioned for the gallery's first abstract show. "She's used to taking a very physical thing, like people in the landscape, and trying to reduce that and scale that down to something for the viewer," notes Vogl. -- Mary Scott Hardaway

SFAQ featured online  (August 15, 2017)

Review by Paul J. Karlstrom

“She is a painter who has chosen to address a fundamental modernist question. But she has done so with an awareness of the practical value of the history to which she is an heir and a dedication to her practice that allows for her own voice to emerge within that framework. Despite her focus on the act of painting and examples provided by that history, she is not an imitator. Ostrau’s marks are her own—as is her contemporary painterly vision."

Huffington Post (July 17, 2013)

Interview by Art Critic John Seed

"An intuitive artist who loves paint as a substance -- and who has a tendency to obliterate her imagery with painterly gestures -- Ostrau doesn't go all the way to abstraction. To do so would remove the emotional connection she wants viewers to have with her source material. "I'm not a fully abstract painter," she explains: "I want people to feel the landscape."